Betagro Quality Management (BQM) is the platform that Betagro uses to guarantee quality and food safety. Using BQM the company strictly monitors and controls operations every day around the clock (24/7) to ensure compliance with internationally recognised food safety standards across the entire supply chain. The internal quality management system comprises the following five principles:

1. Food Safety

Food safety is the top priority in the Betagro Group food manufacturing, which is meticulously monitored to ensure all food products are free from chemical residues and contamination, harmful microorganisms or any other matter that pose risks to the health of consumers.

2. Food Quality

Betagro Group is committed to manufacturing and delivering high-quality food products to customers. The effort is backed and intensive research and development activities by a dedi- cated team of specialists.

3. Animal Welfare

Betagro Group has a policy to promote and support animal welfare by launching a series of programmes that raise the standard of animal husbandry and ethical treatment of animals at all stages of production.

4. Service Excellence

Building good relationship with customers is an integral part of business strategy. The rela- tionship between Betagro Group and its customers is seen as a partnership in which the best possible products and services are offered in order to better the quality of life of all involved.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Building good relationship with customers is an integral part of business strategy. The rela- tionship between Betagro Group and its customers is seen as a partnership in which the best possible products and services are offered in order to better the quality of life of all involved.

Betagro Group also conducts business in accordance with ethical standards and practices internally, develops new capabilities in order to keep pace with rapidly changing market requirements and maintains its leading position in the global food manufacturing industry.

Assured Betagro Chicken Production (ABCP) Is focused on total quality control across the entire manufacturing process. This involves quality management in areas of food safety, poultry welfare and environment protection that must be of the same high standard. Quality-related operations, from breeder farms, baby chicken farms, broiler farms, egg layer farms, chicken handling and transportation to meat processing are constantly checked for conformity with internal standards, ISO norms, laws and regulatory requirements identified by government agencies, trade partner countries and customers. With the use of ABCP, chicken products from Betagro Group are of a quality that meets the needs of customers domestically and internationally.

Assured Betagro Swine Production (ABSP) Is designed to ensure management efficiency and quality assurance across the entire swine production process, covering diverse areas from the Group’s breeder pig farming and fattening pig farming to fattening pig contract farming, which are focused on managing farms particularly to prevent infections as well as improving animal welfare and food safety associated with pork consumption. This production standard is comparable to international swine farm management standards, and in compliance with laws and regulations specified by the Department of Livestock Development and the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS). It is also relevant to customer requirements and the mission that the Group’s pork products meet the needs of local and international customers, and help better the quality of life of consumers worldwide.

Betagro e-Traceability Betagro Group has developed a “Betagro e-Traceability” electronic food safety application for the first time in Thailand’s livestock and food industry, and uses this as a tool for comprehensively tracing food products back to origin.

First implemented in 2003, the e-Traceability system initially monitored Betagro’s integrated chicken business, with detailed information available from parent stock farming to cooked product manufacturing and other related process. The system was later extended to include the Group’s integrated swine business in 2006, providing greater and reliable visibility into the product origin across the supply chain, from parent stock farming, fattening pig farming, meat processing facilities and feed mills to animal pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities.

In 2011, the Group continued expansion of the system into its feed business, with the develop- ment of a supporting website ( to enable international customers to trace food products from source. In 2012, Betagro took a step further with the development of QR Code for its S-Pure branded products that make e-Traceability more accessible to local and overseas customers. This effort has resulted in a high level of consumer confidence in all food products supplied by the Betagro Group.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Is an innovative tool that allows for more efficient use of resources, enabling users to effectively and quickly monitor geographical positions, especially the identification of farm locations and control of outbreaks.

Research & Development Betagro Group’s Research and Development Center specialises in research and development in areas around biotechnology, livestock, feed and test systems for food-borne diseases. The Center’s capability is focused on testing and food safety assurance across the entire supply chain. Its expertise ensures maximum food safety for consumers as well as the Group’s busi- ness competitive advantages and sustainable growth.