Betagro Group’s Agribusiness involves animal feeds and livestock development. Its livestock business has been developed over many decades, comprising several areas from chicken breeder farming, hatcheries, broiler farming, chicken layer farming, swine breeder farming, swine semen and fattening pig farming to collaborations with local farmers in price guarantee and contract farming schemes. These are fully compliant with internationally recognised quality standards required for effective selection, animal husbandry and advanced farm management under the prudent supervision of veterinarians and animal scientists. With a nationwide network of feed production facilities, the Group’s comprehensive animal feed business meets the different needs of farmers and its subsidiaries.

Animal Health

The Betagro Group animal health business comprises farm equipment and animal pharmaceuticals. The Group capitalises on its extensive expertise and experience in the livestock industry to operate the production and distribution of farm equipment, and to provide complete and practical advice on the installation of farm equipment and tools. Backed by state-of-the-art production facilities for animal pharmaceuticals and supplements, combined with a dedicated team of research and development professionals, the Group has grown to be an industry leader offering a complete range of animal health products and services. These help to significantly improve the efficiency of commercial livestock farming. The Group also supplies custom made products to customers and business partners to meet the growing domestic and international demand.


With a firm commitment to upgrading the quality of life of all consumers by delivering convenient and safe food products coupled with service excellence to meet different needs and changing lifestyles. The Betagro Group food business offers a variety of food products. These include fresh chicken eggs, chicken meat and pork, and ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods as well as seasonings. The Group currently supplies food products under two brands: S-Pure This premium quality food brand by the Betagro Group offers pork, chicken meat and fresh chicken eggs, which are warm welcomed by consumers home and abroad who are health conscious and seek maximum food safety. Betagro This standard quality food brand by Betagro Group offers hygienic pork, chicken meat, chicken eggs, various processed foods made from hygienic meat, ready-to-cook foods, ready-to-eat items and seasonings. These products are targeted at the general consumer market.

In addition, Betagro Group is branching out into the restaurant business to address today’s growing demand. It currently operates many high profile brands such as Miyatake Sanuki Udon, Romankan Yokohama, Hon Aji Ramen, Pomme-no-ki, Little Mermaid, Bee Cheng Hiang and Heng’s Chicken Rice – Red Pork Rice.


With the growing potential of the pet care product market that is boosted by a rising trend in pet ownership Especially dogs, cats and pet fish, Betagro acts proactively to respond to the market needs by manufacturing and distributing pet foods according to types and breeds. The Group offers a range of pet food, supplements and supplies such as vitamins, shampoos, sanitisers and many more items that help keep pets healthy and happy.

Pet Care


In addition to its fully integrated agro-industrial and food business, Betagro has expanded actively into other related industries to Complement its core business. Wholesale Food Business Betagro Group has invested in the development of BETAGRO Shop as an innovative distribution channel for a variety of fresh food products as well as ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat items. Retail Food Business Cater to meet hasty lifestyles of urban dwellers and the quest for greater convenience, BETAGRO Deli has emerged as a new destination for people seeking high quality food products for daily consumption and home cooking, from fresh produce and ready-to-cook food items to ready meals and seasonings. Betagro Science Center Betagro Group has established the Betagro Science Center as a specialised centre for laboratory analysis and testing to ensure effective quality control across the entire food supply chain. Property Development In conjunction with its integrated agro-industry business, Betagro has invested in property development projects in Amphoe Chai Badan of Lop Buri Province. These include Pasak Hillside Forest for golden teakwood plantation, and Pasak Hillside Resort that welcomes tourists and seminar groups.